Shipping and handeling


Because of new international rules it's not longer possible to use my old postal service and prices.
From now on I will be using a new company that will ship all packages through the Deutsche Post (German postal service).

Because I'm located in the Netherlands this means that from now on I will bundle all orders once a month and send it all at once to the company that will hand it over to the Deutsche Post.
if there are many orders in 1 month I can also do this twice a month.

the date for the next shipping batch is always mentioned on the front page.


Shipping cost is calculated at checkout based on the size and weight of your order, so the best way to find out the shipping cost for a specific item is to add it to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Handling Times

Instock items will ship out at the end of the month. For pre-order items, please refer to the shipping details in the product description.

Shipping Times

This store ships out orders from the Netherlands/Germany. Shipping times are the same for all modes of mail. On average, packages take 2-4 weeks to reach their destination. However, some packages can take up to 3 months due to factors out of my control such as delays at customs, high delivery load during festive seasons etc. This store will not be held liable for shipping delays due to such circumstances that are out of my control.

Shipping Methods

This store uses Deutsche Post (German postal service) to ship out international orders. There are two modes of mail untracked and tracked mail.

Orders within the Netherlands will be shipped with PostNL.

Unregistered mail (untracked shipping)

Packages shipped via unregistered Mail are cheaper, but they will NOT come with a tracking number. These packages will not be trackable online. If the package fails to deliver, there is no guarantee that it will be sent back to my return address. registered mail also does not come with insurance, so if the package goes missing or is delayed I will not be able to provide a refund. This store will not be held liable for packages shipped via normal mail that go missing or undelivered.

Registered Mail (tracked shipping)

Packages shipped via Registered Mail are more expensive but they will come with a tracking number. If the package fails to deliver, it will be sent back to my return address. Registered packages also come with insurance, so if the package remains undelivered after 3 months, I can contact the postal service and refund the value of the package back to you.